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THE EFF IN TSHWANE Says the Billboards in Centurion to arrest Vladimirovich Putin must be removed in 24 hours

Billboards in Centurion Are asking President Cyril Ramaphosa to arrest the Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.As we all know that President Cyril Ramaphosa  mentioned that South Africa has withdrawn from the International Criminal Court of Justice .

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He said the reason why he is pulling out is because of manner  the ICC has been seen to be dealing with this type of problems.Putin is wanted by the ICC over the war crimes in Ukraine.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has given Putin the diplomatic immunity for the BRICS summit. Meaning that when he comes to visit South Africa in August he will not be arrested.The leader of EFF Julius Malema says that if it is needed for them to protect Putin they will go and fetch him at the airport to his meeting and when he is done the will take him back.

He continued by saying that they are not going to be controlled by this hypocrites of the ICC who know the real violators of human rights.He said that President Putin is welcomed in South Africa and he will not be arrested.

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Last updated: Thursday,08 June 2023