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social relief of distress Srd R350 grant Approved Check Sassa statues

We are happy to announce that social relief of distress Srd R350 grant is Approved and you many now Check Sassa statues. The South African Social Security Agency ) took a significant step to help unemployed South African citizens in need of financial aid by introducing the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant.

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Keep in mind that The Social Relief of Distress Grant is meant for unemployed South African who are not getting any form of income on their bank however if you are getting money that’s more than R624 Your applications wont be successful and will be reject by sassa.

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The client should check the pay day field for an indication of when they will receive their money. If no pay day
value is provided, no payment has been processed as yet.

Article published by youthspace | Last updated : 05 August 2023