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SASSA SRD (R350)grant increase IN 2023 check your status now

The preside of the country has conformed that the social relief distress grant will be increased in 2023 .Beneficiaries of the social relief distress grant (R350) should check their status now .

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Sassa R350 statues check

According to the president, millions of South Africans cannot provide for themselves and their families. To counter the rising cost of living, Ramaphosa said the government would continue the social relief of distress (SRD) grant, which reaches around 7.8 million people. 

“We will ensure that existing social grants are increased to cushion the poor against rising inflation. This will be set out in the budget by the minister of finance. Work is under way to develop a mechanism for targeted basic income support for the most vulnerable within our fiscal constraints,” he said.

Ramaphosa said this would build on the innovation the government has introduced through the SRD grant.

“National Treasury is considering the feasibility of urgent measures to mitigate the impact of load shedding on food prices,” he added.

Speaking of the poverty faced by many South Africans, Ramaphosa admitted to the growing crisis.

“There is the single mother in Alex, worried about how she will make ends meet as the cost of maize and taxi fares continue to rise. There is the factory worker in Gqeberha, who now faces an uncertain future as load shedding brings the assembly line to a halt,” he said.

According to Ramaphosa, it is the state’s job to provide a minimum level of protection below which no South African will fall. “Right now, in our country, there are more than 25 million people who receive some form of income support.

“In addition, around 2 million indigent households receive free basic water, free basic electricity, and free solid waste removal. Around 60% of our budget is spent on what is known as the social wage, providing various forms of support, basic services, and assistance to households and individuals to combat poverty and hunger,” he said.

The social relief distress grant is believed that it will continue until 2024 . The minister of finance Mr Enoch Godongwana will outline the whole information during the budget speech.

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Posted dates: 12 February 2023,
Article published by youthspace .