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Sassa Srd 350 Applications updated for 2023

Srd 350 Applications updated for 2023. if you have applied for South Africa Social relief of distress grant and you would to updated your applicants follow the steps below to do it.

Here’s How To Do A SASSA Grant Application Update

  1. Go to the Sassa website:
  2. Scroll down to “Update your grant application”
  3. Then click on “Click here to update your existing application”
  4. Enter your ID number as well as your mobile number 
  5. Click “send sms” 
  6. Once you have signed into your application using a one-time pin (OTP), follow the instructions to update your details. 

How to check Srd sassa R350 grant status

Click here to check statues: › status

Unemployed South African can now check their south Africa social security Agency grant online. to check your R350 grant status you will need your ID number and cellphone number . please be note that Srd only approve unemployed South African who are not receiving any income.

Beneficiaries can update their responses to the screening questionnaire on the Sassa website at any time if their circumstances have changed or if they need to correct errors. 

Sassa has emphasized the importance of applicants making Sassa updates to their details as failure to do so will result in the Agency being unable to process their application. 

Last updated : Tuesday , 06 June 2023 .