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SASSA Grant R370 Applications for SRD Grant: How to Apply and Eligibility Criteria

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SASSA Grant R370 Applications for SRD Grant: How to Apply and Eligibility Criteria

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has introduced the Special Relief of Distress (SRD) grant of R370 to assist those in need during these challenging times. If you’re struggling financially, this grant could provide crucial support. Here’s what you need to know about applying for the SRD grant and the eligibility criteria.

Who Can Apply?

To qualify for the SRD grant, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. South African Citizenship: You must be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee.
  2. Age: You must be between the ages of 18 and 60.
  3. Income: You should not have any income or receive any other form of grant or social assistance.
  4. Bank Account: You must have a bank account where the grant can be paid.
  5. Not Employed: You should not be employed or receive any form of income.
  6. Not Receiving Any Other Grant: You should not be receiving any other form of social grant.

How to Apply

You can apply for the SRD grant by following these steps:

  1. Online Application: Visit the official SASSA website and navigate to the SRD grant application section. Fill in the required details accurately and submit the application.
  2. WhatsApp Application: You can also apply via WhatsApp by sending a message to the official SASSA WhatsApp number. Follow the instructions provided to complete your application.
  3. Email Application: If you prefer to apply via email, you can send your application to the designated SASSA email address. Ensure that you provide all the necessary information and documents.
  4. USSD Application: Dial the USSD code *134*7737# on your mobile phone and follow the prompts to complete your application.

What Your Sassa Status Means 

A pending SRD grant status means that Sassa is still evaluating the applicants grant application. ‘Approved’ indicates that the grant application has been approved and they will revive SMS notification when their grant is ready for collection at Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, or Boxer stores.

Alternatively, you can choose to have it deposited directly into your bank account (if you have one).

Declined means that the applicant has failed to meet the eligibility criteria for the grant. If you see the response ‘bank details pending’ then you need to confirm you bank details with Sassa by updating their records for you on the official Sassa website.

If the declined SRD grant applicant believes Sassa was incorrect to reject their SRD grant application they can submit an appeal. Appeals are handled by the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).


The SRD grant of R370 can provide much-needed relief to those who are struggling financially. If you meet the eligibility criteria, make sure to apply as soon as possible to receive the support you need. For more information and assistance with your application, visit the official SASSA website or contact the SASSA helpline.

Last updated; 06 May 2024