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Sassa approved due to new rule Clients have Started receiving R350 payments (check status for Srd Grant )

Some Sassa Clients have Started receiving R350 Grant payments check status now !! After the sassa MediaBriefing statements more Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) beneficiaries who were declined have been approved this is due to the new rules. nearly 7.5 million people are receiving the benefit on a monthly basis.

Sassa says “The main challenge we face with regards to the SRD grant was refining the systems and we had to do that to ensure that as an Agency, we do not go overboard what we have been allocated”

The South African Social Security Agency also increase grant test income threshold from R350 to R624 this was done inline with the increase estimated Food Poverty Line for 2022

Sassa also said “Having noted the public outcry regarding the qualifying criteria that was introduced during the third iteration of this benefit, on Tues 16 Aug we published the amended regulations that simplified some complexities that were arising from the qualifying criteria”

Here’s how to check statues


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Posted dates:17 October 2022