dept of agri
dept of agri

SA Government is looking for unemployed graduate x 97 posts Various Fields at Department of Agriculture and Rural Development .

Graduate Internship Programme x 97 posts Various Fields .The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is currently searching for unemployed Applicants to apply for 97 internship post available .

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development presents opportunities for the unemployed
graduates. Successful applicants will be appointed as graduate interns for twenty-four (24) months as
from 01 April 2023 to 31 March 2025 and will undergo on-the-job development training in technical,
professional and public service skills relevant for them to enter the formal job market.

Appointed graduate interns will be remunerated by means of a monthly stipend depending on the NQF
level of qualification as determined by the Department of Public Service and Administration’s Directive
on youth development programmes.

Qualification No. Ref. No.
B Tech/ND: Agriculture/Community Extension 7 HR5/1/2023
BSc/B Tech: Rural Development/Community Development/BCom: Development
Economics/Bachelor of Social Science and B Tech/ND: Public Admin
4 HR5/2/2023
BSc: Animal Science 2 HR5/3/2023
BSc: Agronomy 3 HR5/4/2023
BSc: Plant Pathology 3 HR5/5/2023
BSc: Agribusiness 2 HR5/6/2023
BSc: Agricultural Economics 3 HR5/7/2023
BSc: Microbiology 3 HR5/8/2023
BSc: Agricultural Engineering 3 HR5/9/2023
B Tech: /ND: Horticulture 3 HR5/10/2023
B Tech/ND: Industrial Engineering/Civil Engineering 3 HR5/11/2023
B Tech/ND: Food Technology 2 HR5/12/2023
B Tech/ND: Animal Production 3 HR5/13/2023
B Tech/ND: Crop Production 3 HR5/14/2023
B Tech/ND: Animal Health 6 HR5/15/2023
B Tech/ND: Veterinary Technology 4 HR5/16/2023
B Tech/ND: Human Resource Management/Development/ Labour Relations 7 HR5/17/2023
B Tech/ND: Financial Management/B Com/Accounting 5 HR5/18/2023
B Tech/ND: Public Management/Public Admin/Operations
Management/Production Management
7 HR5/19/2023
B Tech/ND: Risk Management/Internal Control/Management Accounting 4 HR5/20/2023
Bachelor/ND Library 3 HR5/21/2023
ND/Postgraduate/Honors: Public Policy 3 HR5/22/2023

B Tech/ND: Supply Chain Management 3 HR5/23/2023
B Tech/ND: Information Technology 3 HR5/24/2023
B Tech/ND: Public Relations/Journalism 3 HR5/25/2023
B Tech/ND: Office Administration/Management and Technology 3 HR5/26/2023
B Tech/ND: Agriculture and B Tech/ND: Public Management 2 HR5/27/2023

How to apply for internship in KwaZulu natal

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vacancies source :—2023-2025.pdf

Opportunity available in kzn
Application Closing date: 14 April 2023 at 16:00 ,
Posted dates:10April 2023 ,
Article published by youthspace .