facebook fan queen minaj
facebook fan queen minaj

Queen minaj Says she Makes R1 Million in 16 days

Wow Mzansi Woman Queen Minaj recently post a screenshot on her Facebook Account Show casing that she’s Making 16 Million every 16 days this got mzansi people mind blown of how she makes her million.

A screenshot from Facebook of her capitec bank saving account shows that in the last 16 days she had received R1061 980,30 in her bank account.

queen minaj says she r1 million in 16 days
queen minaj says she R1 million in 16 days

She says ” God gave us a Kuuukuuuuu to be sold not to be eaten for free people to sell a Kuuuukuu there is money imagine I make 1M in 16 days this thing of being eaten for free is not the same ladies the Kuuukuuu just disappears for free ! And Kuuukuu must start with 20k to sell “

queen minaj bmw
queen minaj bmw

Here’s what Mzansi is saying from Facebook

Mogale Fix-indi Maake

I speak good English bae inside my mind.but once I open my mouth to spoke.i couldn’t can…..doned it anymall bae😘

Ivy Kyler

Wait did I read correctly 😩😩mo’s am sitting on money hle🙄

Edwinbontletsutsu Edwin

When I saw this post, I remembered the advice my grandfather gave me at my uncle’s wedding while we were sitting close to each other next to the Music Band. The music was so loud that I couldn’t hear what he said…