Netflix South Africa : List of Must-Watch Movies & Series ( February 2024 )

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Netflix South Africa brings to you a lot of new good movies and series to watch that will blow off your mind for this February 2024. If you are feeling bored, and don’t know what to watch; we have put a list of best romantic movies in celebration of the month of love. Or if you are into action, comedies, documentaries, dramas and horror movies, we have got you covered.

According to NETFLIX website, its one of the largest streaming platform that operate world wide by bring entertainment to its subscribe. It provide people with original and acquired films and television shows from various genres in multiple languages

List of Netflix South Africa must watch movies

  • 1. Animal :is one of kind movie which features loyal son Ranvijay as he protects his wealth.
  • 2.Griselda :Sofia Vergara portrays Griselda Blanco, a Colombian drug lord, in Netflix original series Griselda, which is based on her true tale. Discover Blanco’s actual destiny by reading on. The first episode was first realised on the 25 of January 2024 
  • 3. Soon comes night : is a South African tv show that focus on kwenzo as a former freedom fighter.
  • 4.Fatal Seduction: University professor Nandi Mahlati crosses path with a younger man on a weekend trip.
  • 5.Saltburn : A British coming-of-age drama that takes place in the 1980s about a group of youngsters dealing with friendship, family, and first loves.
  • 6.Deep Fear :When a woman’s solo sailing excursion in the Caribbean turns into a struggle for survival, she finds herself in danger both above and below the surface of the water.
  • 7.My Summer Prince: When a party-boy prince lands in a PR crisis, an assistant steps in for her boss to help repair his image — until a romantic opportunity arises.
  • 8.Lift: A professional thief and his expert crew attempt the ultimate heist: stealing $500 million in gold from a vault on a plane — 40,000 feet in the air.
  • 10.Falling Inn Love: An attractive contractor helps a San Francisco executive win a New Zealand inn, so she leaves the city to renovate and flip the rustic property.
  • 11.The Perfect Date: A high school student creates an app to offer his services as a fake date to earn money for college, but his plan gets complicated when he develops feelings for someone.

In conclusion : A lovely escape promises to be provided by the amazing selection of new films and shows that Netflix South Africa is scheduled to fascinate audiences with this February of 2024.

Whatever genre you’re into—romance, action, comedy, dramas, documentaries, or horror—Netflix provides a wide range of content to suit your tastes. The portal provides a special treat with a carefully crafted list of the most romantic films as the month of love progresses, making it the ideal way to commemorate the occasion.