milpark hospital netcare
milpark hospital netcare

Netcare Hospitals Ward Administrator Vacancy | Apply with Grade 12 or equivalent

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Netcare hospital hires applicants with Grade 12 or equivalent ( Business Administration / Secretarial ) for a new Ward Administrator Job listing.

About Netcare

According to wiki The Milpark Hospital is a private hospital in western Parktown, Johannesburg, in the area known as Milpark, and owned by Netcare Limited. It has a level 1 accredited trauma unit, and cardiology and cardio-thoracic services.

Netcare Hospitals Ward Administrator Vacancy | Apply with Grade 12 or equivalent

Role summary

  • The incumbent will be responsible for the co-ordination of all secretarial and administration work in the ward.
  • The Ward Administrator is also responsible for : receiving all new patients, visitors, and doctors in the ward and to make them feel welcome.
  • Assisting in maintaining stock levels in the ward and should work closely with the allocated stock controller.
  • Assist the ward staff and the Unit Manager with assigned duties.

Applications process

Interested candidates who meet the above criteria are requested to e-mail a detailed CV to

Please note: Please note that reference checks for internal applicants will be conducted with the applicant’s current and past Netcare direct line managers and the relevant Netcare HR Managers. Therefore, employees
are encouraged to discuss internal job applications with their direct line manager to ensure that the
line manager is aware of the application.


  • No CV will be accepted after vacancy closing dates 22 January 2024.
  • Applications can be emailed using the above email.
  • Considered Jobseekers will be placed at Milpark hospital ,9 Guild Road ,Parktown West, Johannesburg, 2193
  • Applicants who don’t meet the requirements will not be considered

For more information regarding this listing visit: (