Here’s every you need to know about the next episode on muvhango for 19 September 2023

“James and Paballo handles the matters man to man face-to-face “

James and Gugu  ran into Paballo at MMC waiting for Khumo .James couldn’t handle himself even though Gugu tried to stop him , he went straight to Paballo and gave him a punch .

Paballo did not react immediately but returned the punch back 3 mins later from there it was a war zone .Everyone was watching them .Vhutshilo and Kgosi stopped them from fighting.

Vusi turned down Azwindini’s offer of being the new CEO of MMC .The Mukwevho family is frustrated because of this matter so Vhutshilo and Kgosi decided to apply for Rendani the position without her knowledge.

She did not take this matter lightly as she threatened to report them to the police. Gugu begs James to forgive Imani as she reminded him that Imani forgave him when he got Marang pregnant.

Last updated : Wednesday, 20 September 2023