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Legal Battle Unleashed: North West Woman Pursues R600,000 for Defamatory Facebook Post

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In a recent court case, Lucia Khumagadi Modirapula claimed that a Facebook post had defamed her and requested R600,000 in damages. Pandelani Paul Mbedzi was charged by Modirapula of damaging her reputation on social media by posting deceptive content.

The controversial article accused Modirapula of having an extramarital affair with a man named Justice and implied that she was responsible for her daughter’s death.

The North West High Court in Mafikeng denied Modirapula’s application despite her allegations of defamation, stating that it lacked jurisdiction. The reason for the dismissal was a mismatch between Mbedzi’s residential details and the place where Modirapula lodged her complaint.

This legal failure leaves both parties with unsolved issues and adds another level of complexity to an already acrimonious scenario.

Lucia Khumagadi Modirapula recently filed a lawsuit alleging that she was defamed in a Facebook post and asked for R600,000 in damages. Modirapula accused Pandelani Paul Mbedzi of harming her online persona by disseminating false information. The contentious post said that Modirapula was to blame for her daughter’s death and accused her of having an extramarital affair with a man by the name of Justice.

Despite Modirapula’s claims of defamation, the North West High Court in Mafikeng rejected her appeal, claiming it lacked jurisdiction. A discrepancy between Mbedzi’s residence information and the location where Modirapula filed her complaint led to her dismissal. This judicial setback complicates an already contentious situation and leaves both parties with unresolved issues.