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Ayanda Ncwane is a famous actress,businesswoman and actress.She lost her husband Sfiso Ncwane the ‘kulungile baba ‘hitmaker in 2016.They had two beautiful children.Early 2021 she joined the Real housewives of Durban.This is  a reality show were the rich wives of Durban showcase their  characters and how they live their lives.When Ayanda was on the show she was regarded as the troublemaker.Fans didn’t like her that much even thou others did.Ayanda left the reality show when the season ended.

Few days ago Ayanda posted a video on YouTube explaining how she almost lost her life .She explained that, it is one of the reasons why she was quiet on media it was not because she was busy something was busy with her meaning she was fighting demons.

She said it all happened on the 19th of April 2023 when she was in hospital .At 2 am she had an encounter in the spiritual realm and a huge being came towards the bed she was laying on and told her that she is going to die.This left fans going crazy because they did not believe her story.A lot of fans made videos sharing their opinions on what she said they went as far as saying if she wants to open a church she should just come straight .

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Last updated: 10 June 2023