“Investing in Futures: Gauteng Government Allocates R560 Million for 4,000 Matric Bursaries to Township Learners”

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The Gauteng Provincial Government has made a ground-breaking commit to invest R560 million annually, opening doors for 4,000 worthy top achievers from townships and free schools. This innovative programme, which does not rely on the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), was unveiled at Vodaworld in Midrand. Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi and Education MEC Matome Chiloane personally awarded bursaries to recipients of Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA) bursaries.

Comprehensive Support System:

Recognised as one of the country’s most extensive programmes, the GCRA bursary goes beyond traditional financial help. With coverage ranging from living expenses to books, tuition, housing, transportation, and a one-time laptop allowance, it offers unmatched assistance to students pursuing a wide range of subjects, including IT, medical, and aviation. By including undergraduate and graduate degrees, the programme guarantees a comprehensive strategy for educational empowerment.

Encouraging the Underprivileged: Recipients come from impoverished areas, such as townships, hostels, and unofficial settlements. The programme is a calculated step towards empowering people who might not qualify for NSFAS and making sure that obstacles related to money don’t stand in the way of academic goals.

In a passionate speech, Lesufi praised Gauteng students and educators for their joint efforts in attaining an outstanding 85% matric pass rate. He boldly declared that the GCRA bursary was the best and promised to give R560 million to 4,000 young people directly. Lesufi underlined that these students were now holders of an unrivalled bursary with no upper limit, and that they were no longer students.

Unique Selling Points (USPs) for GCRA Bursary:

No Limits: Providing unrestricted tuition reimbursement.
Customised Support: Understanding the distinct requirements of every learner.
Unmatched Investment: Providing R560 million a year for educational endeavours.
Holistic Empowerment: Taking care of living costs and technological requirements in addition to tuition

“We need someone to build that train, we need someone to design that train and layout the railway line. We need someone to drive that train. We need those skills to be funded. You are the generation that must build that train,” he said.

“Through the GCRA Bursary Scheme, we are investing in the development of skills of the future. We are arming our youth with the skills which will ensure our country is competitive and contribute to the economic development of Gauteng,” Lesufi said.

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