capitec money reverse
capitec money reverse

How to reverse money on Capitec app / without app ( 2024 Step by step to follow guideline )

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Worry not in this article, we are going to walk you on the ultimate guideline to help you reverse your money on the Capitec bank with or without app. Learn how to reverse debit order ,transfer money , paid to beneficiary or cash send , with our step by step guideline, we offer you the best solution to answer your problems.

When faced with difficult circumstances, such as emergencies, unforeseen costs, or periods of financial difficulty, people may need money delivered to them.

Company over view

Capitec bank is one the leading bank in South Africa in and As of August 2017 the bank was the second largest retail bank in South Africa, based on number of customers, with 120,000 customers opening new accounts per month.

What’s a debit order

According to mediax a ” debit order is a financial arrangement where a bank or financial institution is authorized to automatically withdraw funds from a customer’s bank account to settle recurring payments or bills.”

Solution : How to reverse money

1.Reverse money on debit on app

There are so many reasons why you may have thought to dispute your monthly debit order as this includes unwanted debit order that went out without your permission or it may be due to financial crisis. Here’s a step-by-step procedure with pictures on how you can reverse money on the Capitec mobile app:

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  1. Login to Your Capitec Mobile App:On your smartphone or other mobile device, launch the Capitec mobile app. Use your login information, which consists of your password and username, to log in. Make sure the information on your account is safe.
  2. Navigate to the Transaction History: Find the transaction history option in the app after logging in. Typically, this section offers a thorough summary of your most recent transactions, making it simple to pinpoint the precise transaction you want to reverse.
capitec app
  1. Choose the transaction to reverse: Choose the particular transaction you wish to reverse by looking through the transaction history. You may want to correct a payment, transfer, or any other activity.
  2. Begin the Reversal Process: Locate a button or option in the transaction details that enables you to start a reversal. Depending on the app’s interface, this could be called “Reverse,” “Refund,” or something else entirely.
  3. adhere to the on-screen Prompts: The Capitec mobile app uses on-screen prompts to walk customers through the reversal procedure. Pay attention to the directions on the app, which can ask you to validate the transaction information, explain why the reversal was made, and affirm the reversal.
  4. Confirm the Reversal: Following the instructions and entering any required authentication, like a password or PIN, confirm the reversal after checking the data. This stage guarantees that the account holder has approved and approved the reversing process.
  5. Check for Confirmation: Usually, the app will send a confirmation message as soon as the reversal is started. As you ensure that the reversal has been executed successfully, make a note of any confirmation details or reference numbers for your records.

2.Reverse money on capitec app without debit

In order to reverse a transaction on Capitec without utilizing the mobile app, immediate contact with Capitec customer service. Take these actions:

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Retrieve Transaction Details: Get all the information you need to reverse a transaction, including the date, the amount, and any related reference numbers.

Reach out to Capitec Customer Service: Contact Capitec’s customer service by calling their hotline or stopping by one of their local branches. Make sure you have easy access to your account details and proof of identity.

Give Transaction Information: Clearly explain to the customer support agent the specifics of the transaction you want to reverse. Provide pertinent details, such as the rationale behind the reversal and any other information that may be required.

Follow the instructions provided by Capitec customer service to complete the process. Follow any instructions given and provide any required authentication, such as personal identity or security questions.

Verify Reversal Confirmation: After submitting the request, make sure the customer service agent has verified that the reversal procedure has been started successfully. For your records, make a note of any reference numbers or confirmation information.

3.How to reverse payment on that is not a debit but transfer

To reverse your money offline you can follow the below guideline.

In order to reverse a payment that was a transfer rather than a debit, get in touch with your bank’s customer service right away. Give them all the information they need, including the recipient’s details, the date, and the amount. Ask for help in reversing the transfer, and heed any guidance the customer service agent gives you. Remember that the timing of your request and your bank’s policies may affect how well the reversal goes. The chance of a successful payment reversal is increased when prompt action and transparent communication are taken.

How to contact

According to the bank you can Contact Capitec for personal banking 0860 10 20 43, business banking 0860 30 92 50 or WhatsApp 067 418 9565 or Email to . They offer 24 hour support on phone calls.