How to get accepted to study at ( UJ ) University of Johannesburg

More and more people who are applying to study at Universities are getting rejected this Article will explain everything you need to know about How to get accepted to study at one of the biggest South Africa tertiary institution ( UJ ) University of Johannesburg.

How to get accepted to study at ( UJ ) University of Johannesburg

  • Step 1 calculate your APS The calculator will then display which qualifications you are eligible to apply towards at UJ .

Step 2 Checklist for applying

  • Valid email address (Gmail or Yahoo mail account).
  • Have the requirements for study choices been met? Click HERE to view the Undergraduate Prospectus for more information on minimum entrance requirements.
  • Certified and individually scanned documents if completed Grade 12 (see process below).
  • Document upload requirements when applying online (not applicable to applicants currently in grade 12 or internal transfer/Senior applicants):
  • All documents must be certified
  • Eensure that the scanned file is a maximum of 512KB
  • All documents are scanned in any of the following types – tiff, pdf, jpg or gif
  • Each document must be scanned and uploaded as separate attachments
  • Alternatively, documents can be emailed to ujappdocs@listsrv.uj.ac.za with the provisional reference/student number noted in the subject line of the email.

Step 3 the best way to get accepted is to apply when the online applications are open to avoid being reject

How to apply to study at uj

visit :https://registration.uj.ac.za/pls/prodi41/gen.gw1pkg.gw1view

posted dates: 06 August 2022