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How to apply for SASSA R350 Grant for 2023 Updates

How to apply for SASSA R350 Grant for 2023 Updates ,More and more people are applying for Srd sassa grant R350. Sassa says more than 2000 application are being submitted per minutes follow this steps to apply

“From this morning we experienced a large number of applicants. Like we’re having about 2 000 applicants per minute, which brought some stress into the system. However, the applications are still going through. We are monitoring the system together with our IT section. Today is not the first and the last day, they have until month end to make an application,” says SASSA Head of Communications Paseka Letsatsi.

“We will make that assessment as we go forward. But in the last cycle, we had about 6 million people. But obviously, we would make some projections. We definitely make that assessment because this grant is supposed to last until next year March,” says Letsatsi.

How To Apply For The R350 Grant money

You can apply in many different ways:

“You can also apply for the Special COVID-19 SRD Grant via or Facebook messenger

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