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How to apply for sassa Grant R350 Online Reapplication Process in 2023

How to apply for sassa Grant R350 Online reapplication Process in 2023 .More and more people have applied for their August sassa grant R350 if you haven’t applied apply now. This article explain everything you need to know about how to apply for srd Grant Online.

Applicants will need to provide the following information

  • Identity Number or Department of Home Affairs Refugee permit number
  • Name and Surname as captured in the Identity Document
  • Gender and Disability
  • Contact details – Cell phone number
  • Residential Address

How to apply for sassa Grant R350 Online Application

To apply for SRD R350 grant use the following sassa Channels

Apply here:

How to check states check here:

All previous Applicants are required to re-apply. Clients who previously cancelled the grant, and who would like to re-activate the grant, due to a change in their circumstances are welcome to re-apply.


  1. My asylum permit/visa has expired, can I still apply for the
    Covid-19 SRD grant?
    Yes, as long as your asylum seeker documentation was valid on 15 March 2020 (the
    date that the National State of Disaster was declared) you are eligible to apply for the
    Covid-19 SRD grant.
  2. I do not have a bank account, can I still apply for the Covid19 SRD grant? Yes. You do not need a bank account in order to receive the grant, it can be sent to your nearest post office in a Postbank account.
  3. What documents will I need in order to collect my grant money from the Post Office? You will need your asylum seeker document, or your passport with your special permit in it.
  4. If my application for the grant is declined, can I appeal this decision? Yes, you would need to send an email to:

Published Date :Monday , 17 July 2023
Last updated: Monday , 17 July 2023
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