Funding Students With Old University Debt- Apply now and let Feenix pay for your tuition fees.

Feenix helps hundreds of students settle their student debt which allows them to continue their studies without worrying about how they would pay their tuition fees.


Feenix is an online fundraising platform that connects students and communities to fundraise towards achieving debt-free education.

Feenix is a non profit, Public Benefit Organisation.

We do this as a response to the call to action highlighted during #FeesMustFall Movement for every day South Africans and the Private Sector to support Universities and government in making sure access to education to not dependent on wealth.


  • you are a South African citizen/permanent resident/refugee or asylum seeker
  • you are registered at a public South African university
  • you have current or historical debt owing to your university
  • your combined household income is under R600k per year
  • you have a certified copy of your identity document
  • you have an official* fee statement [*(not older than 30 days and on the university’s letterhead)]

How to apply for Feenix Students Funds

Apply here:https://feenix.org/for-students?fbclid=IwAR3aBv5wy6rC8-XFCpiYNjJpcSI-DU-uTwwhqgMD3-DXYvhOflpJRCE8H7M

Posted dates: 11 Thursday August 2022