fnb south africa on x ewallet
fnb south africa on x ewallet

FNB Ewallet: Everything about How to Reverse ,code request ,withdrawal , pin expired and more( 2024 Updates )

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If you are struggling with your Fnb Ewallet ? we have got a solution to fix your problem, Here’s everything you need to know about Fnb ewallet Reverse ,code request ,withdrawal , pin expired, Balance check , helpline ,pin request and new pin request online.

The FNB Ewallet service allows South Africans to easily transfer and receive money in real time. Users can easily transfer payments from their bank accounts to registered mobile phone numbers around the nation. In the event of an unintentional transaction, it is critical to familiarise yourself with the process of reversing an Ewallet payment in order to correct any issues quickly.

About First national bank:

FNB is the leading South African bank which was first introduced by in 1838 , its one of the oldest bank in South Africa/

How to reverse ewallet fnb

Below you will learn how to reserve ewallet via app , ussd and on helpline.

via app

Step 1 ,To begin, log onto your mobile device’s FNB app.

Step 2 ,Choose the debit order account you want to use to reverse the Ewallet transaction.
Step 3 ,How to Access My Debit Orders:Select “My Debit Orders” from the app’s menu. Your debit orders will be listed as a result of this.
Step 4, Examining orders for debit: Examine the list of debit orders that the system has displayed with great care.
Step 5,Choosing the Order of Debit: Choose the particular Ewallet transaction that is under investigation.
Step 6, Giving the Reason for the Argument: Select the proper justification for contesting the debit order. This can be an unapproved transaction or an error.
Step 7, Setting Off the Reversal :To begin the reversal procedure, choose the “Reverse” or “Stop” option.

Helpline on call

The South Africa First national bank ,offer customer a free customer care toll free number which clients can use to reverse their money.

Step 1,collect information: Gather any pertinent data on the E-wallet transaction, such as the date, time, and transaction amount. Additionally, keep the recipient’s details or mobile number close at hand.

Step 2,Call customer care request assistance via helpline: Free toll 087 575 0362/ 087 575 0000,

Step 3 ,Verify: You will be asked some security question to verify that its your account .Make sure you can access your FNB account via the mobile app or online banking. To verify transaction information and prove account ownership, this could be helpful.

Step 4, Explain why you need to revisers the money: It can be due to fraud or some personal reason.

Fnb ewallet number and code Via ussd

Follow the below steps to reverse the ewallet and please note you maybe required to have airtime to complete the ussd process.

Step 1 : Dial 120321# on your mobile phone.
Step 2 : Select option 4 for Send Money.
Step 3 : Choose option 5 for eWallet Reversal.
Step 4: Select the transaction you want to reverse.
Step5 :Follow the prompts to complete the reversal process.

How to check fnb ewallet balance

South Africans or people who are staying in South Africa can Easily check their eWallet balance by using the FNB Cellphone Banking using the following steps: Note: If you have no airtime, dial *130 *277#. This will allow you to buy airtime from the eWallet funds. Next, dial *120*277# to get an ATM PIN. The SMS will contain the ATM PIN required to get cash. Source: Fnb

How long does money stay in ewallet fnb

According to the First national bank Terms and Conditions for FNB eWallet Service”If the person who received it does not accept the eWallet within 14 (fourteen) the money will be canceled and sent back tothe Sender’s account.”

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How to withdraw ewallet from fnb atm

We have provided you with clear and easy-to-follow guideline which you can follow along at any FNB ATM.

  • 1.Simply go to any fnb atm and press the green button (Enter/Proceed) or choose ‘Cardless Services.’
  • Select ‘eWallet Services.’
  • 2.Enter your cellphone number and press ‘Proceed.’
  • 3.Enter the ATM PIN received via SMS.
  • 4.Choose the desired withdrawal amount.
  • 5.Retrieve your cash.

how to transfer fnb ewallet to bank account

How to buy hollywood voucher using fnb ewallet

Kindly visit the Hollywood website and Navigate to the voucher area and select the desired. amount and choose ewallet as your payment method then checkout process and submit your transaction.