dr beyers naude local municipality
dr beyers naude local municipality

Dr Beyers Naude Municipality looking for 4 Cleaners

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Dr Beyers Naude local Municipality is looking to hire 4 people in a Cleaner positions.


Salary Scale: R 118 803 – R 136 915


Receiving verbal instructions from the immediate supervisor on the
work program and/ or priorities related to specific departments and/ or
communicating specific cleaning material requirements.
Commencing with cleaning sequence, mixing, and using chemical
detergents to remove stains/ dirt from painted/ polished or carpeted surfaces.
Vacuuming carpeted floor areas, dusting, and tidying desktops and shelves. Cleaning ablution facilities, mopping floors and wiping ceramic
surfaces, replacing toilet rolls, towels etc. and checking and reporting defective items to the immediate superior for attention.
Attending to the surroundings, picking up litter and/ or sweeping paved areas/ walkways.
Applying detergents to remove dirt and rinsing, wiping, and setting
items into the cupboards when required.

Here’s how you can apply for Dr Beyers Naude Municipality Cleaner vacancy

Applications can be Email: recruitment@bnlm.gov.za

Name of Company hiring: Dr Beyers Naude Municipality.
Working opportunity available in Eastern Cape of South Africa.
Closing dates:05 April 2024
posted dates:21 October 2022