DPSA Vacancies Circular 39 of 2022 ( 14 October 2022 latest government jobs )

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DPSA Vacancies Circular 39 of 2022 ( 14 October 2022 latest government jobs ) This Circular is published on a weekly basis and contains the advertisements of vacant posts and jobs in Public Service departments.

Here’s how you can view and apply for dpsa Vacancies Circular 39 of 2022

.Applications on form Z83 with full particulars of the applicants’ training, qualifications, competencies, knowledge
and experience (on a separate sheet if necessary or a CV) must be forwarded to the department in which the vacancy/vacancies exist(s).

Directions: Click on the name of the department / administration to view vacancies in that particular section

National Departments
Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development
Civilian Secretariat for Police Service
Correctional Services
Employment and Labour
Forestry Fisheries and the Environment
Government Pensions Administration Agency
Government Technical Advisory Centre
Higher Education and Training
Independent Police Investigative Directorate
Justice and Constitutional Development
Mineral Resources and Energy
National Tresury
Public Service and Administration
Public Works and Infrastructure
Small Business Development
Sport, Arts and Culture
Statistics South Africa
Provincial Administration
Free State
Kwazulu Natal
Northern Cape
North West
Western Cape

Posted dates: 16 October 2022