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sassa srd r350;;

Do this to fix unpaid SASSA Social Relief Grant R350

Do this to fix unpaid Srd R350 Grant ( Sassa cares updates ). Unemployed South African who applied for social relief grant most of them have been Approved with no payments dates and Some of them have been declined due to Some small error that can be fixed .

Here’s why your applicants was declined and why you are approved with no pay dates

  • If SASSA finds that as an applicant you have been employed and it is indicated that you have made income tax contributions.
  • If the personal details that you have provided do not match the ones from the Department of Home Affairs.
  • If it is found that as the applicant, you are a current recipient of a Social grant other than a child grant.
  • If you are registered with and benefit from the National Student Fund Aid Scheme.
  • If the applicant qualifies for UIF benefits based on TERS OR Contributions to UIF OR is currently receiving the
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund benefit.
  • The applicant is employed in a government institution.
  • Your SRD grant can also be declined if you do not meet the age requirements or are above the age of 60.
  • If as a beneficiary you have been registered as deceased on the Department of Home Affairs database.

Here’s how to fix Social relief grant updates

  • Avoid Putting or receiving money that’s more than the R624 test income
  • Approved with no pay dates update your banking details and make sure you are the bank owner
  • Check you applications contact details if you have lost during registration update your new contact details

Apply for an Appeals:

How do I change my banking details

If you are an approved beneficiary of the SASSA SRD R350 Grant and you wish to change your banking details, please submit your ID Number below. An SMS containing a secure link, unique to you, will be sent to the mobile phone number with which you registered during application.

Click on the link in the SMS and follow the instructions carefully.

Should you select payment into a bank account, please ensure that you are the owner of the account. SASSA cannot pay your grant into another person’s bank account.

Should you select the money transfer option via one of the major banks, please ensure that the mobile phone number on which you received the SMS is registered in your name. SASSA cannot pay your grant into a mobile phone number which is registered to another person.

Please also note that the new banking details will only be used for future payments, after verification.

check here:

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Posted dates: 05 March 2023,
Article published by youthspace .