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Dept of Public Works has 1 Government Security office job ( REF NO: 2022/451 ) here’s how to apply before closing dates

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Dept of Public Works has 1 Government Security office job ( REF NO: 2022/451 ) here’s how to apply before closing dates. South Africa Department of public works is hiring applicants with Grade C (PSIRA) certificate

REQUIREMENTS : Applicants must be in a possession of ABET plus Grade C (PSIRA). Grade B
or certificate in Controller will be added as an advantage. Must have relevant
working experience. Familiarity with prescribed security procedures e.g.;
MISS, Protection of Information Act, Access control Act and Tresspass Act.
Knowledge of access control procedures, measures for the control and
movement of equipments and stores. Relevant emergency procedures. Ability
to operate equipment and machines, Ability to work under stressful situations,
Good communication skills at all levels, Analytical thinking, problem solving,
organizing and planning skills.

DUTIES : Perform access control functions such as conducting screening of all people
entering and leaving the building through X-ray machine and metal detector,
determine whether visitors have appointment. Identify suspicious conduct,
manage parking and safeguard state and private vehicles. Monitor CCTV in
security control room. Safe guarding Department keys. Ensure safety and
security in the buildings, premises and land parcels by undertaking building
/premises patrols, checking that doors are locked or unlocked as required,
Checking water leaks and that taps are closed, checking fire hazards, exposed
electrical contacts and other fire hazards emanating from i.e. chemicals.
Applying emergency procedures and alert emergency services and
departmental management. Manage and control movement of movable assets,
ensuring that no equipment, stores and assets of the department leave the
building/premises/workshops unauthorized. Inspect vehicles entering and
leaving the premise. Gather information and report on missing and stolen
equipment and stores, verify functionality of evacuation emergency and exits,
verifying accessories, damages on GG and lease cars. Respond to alarms
system. Ensure effective record keeping

Here’s how to apply for Department of Public Works security officer job

Applications must be submitted on a z83 form click here to download

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Name of Company hiring: Department of public works
Working opportunity available in South Africa
Closing dates: 25 November 2022
posted dates:12 November 2022