john steenhuisen
john steenhuisen

DA leader On President Cyril Ramaphosa After release of former president Jacob Zuma

The South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa announce a “special remission” which freed over 10,000 prisoners due to overcrowding and health risks. former president Jacob Zuma was on the list of the realised prisoners.

in 2021 Zuma handed himself to police which lead to Looting , attacks on infrastructure in the KZN and Some party of Gauteng Region.

Follow the realise of former president Jacob Zuma John Steenhuisen accuses Ramaphosa of using remission programme as a cover to release Zuma .

“While our mayors were out on the front-line defending the rule of law, our president was running away from it. In a cynical move he has abused his powers to once again put the ANC before the people of the country. But he has told us before so many times and I don’t know why it was not taken on face value when he said ‘I’d rather be a weak president than break up the ANC.’ He showed that again this week, he’d rather break the rule of law, he’d rather subvert justice to be able to defend his party than to stand up for the Constitution and the people of South Africa.

“But the worst thing is that they weasel out of their obligations in terms of the rule of law by inventing some new remission programme for which Mr J.G. Zuma was the first recipient. In order to sneak him out of jail they had to put out 10 000 other incarcerated criminals around him,” said Steenhuisen.

“The President signed a remission for a number of prisoners, it wasn’t specific to one particular individual, so it just happened that Zuma formed part of that process as it was decided by the Department of Correctional Services. The Department of Correctional Services did clarify that there’s a shortage of beds. You have a high percentage of overcrowding in prisons which leads to all sorts of other problems in prisons even a rise of gangsterism etc. Therefore, they embarked on this process for all non-violent offenders.”

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Video Source : SABC NEWS