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Cleaner jobs at dept of defence 27x post (Req: Grade 9/Abet or higher ) salary : R107 196 p.a – REF NO: 1SPECSVCBN/56/44/22/06

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Cleaner job at dept of defence Government (Req Grade 9 or higher ) salary : R107 196 p.a – REF NO: 1SPECSVCBN/56/44/22/06 . The department of Defence is currently hiring applicants with grade 4-9 / abet or high to apply for a cleaner job opportunity .

SALARY : R107 196 per annum (Level 02)
REQUIREMENTS : A minimum of Grade 3-9 or ABET L1-4.Special requirements (Skills needed):
Ability to communicate effectively (verbal) in English. Basic knowledge of
health and safety. Knowledge of basic maintenance of machinery with low level
of complexity in operating it. Knowledge of basic hand tools and cleaning
equipment. Ability to operate cleaning machines. Ability to perform routine
tasks. Ability to work in team and individually. Basic numeracy and literacy
skills. Perform cleaning duties. Endurance, consequent, punctual, loyalty,
integrity, innovative and neatness.

DUTIES : Perform cleaning related duties in offices and other facilities as determined by
Supervisor (Include sweeping of floors, scrubbing and polishing all landings
and alleyways, polishing of furniture, vacuuming of carpets, washing down of
walls / tiles and window sills, window cleaning, cleaning of vehicles and
sweeping of sidewalks. Vacuum of facilities, clean and dust office furniture on
a daily basis, wash office floors, clean cutlery of offices with kitchen facilities,
clean toilet, and regularly wash windows and empty dustbins of offices.
Properly maintained equipment save and secure, clean offices and conference
facilities. Apply OHS measures where required). Clean ablution facilities.
Report and defects in the work place to immediate supervisor. Providing a
domestic and hygiene cleaning service. Observing OHASA regulations.

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Closing dates:18 November 2022
posted dates: 18 November 2022
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